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{Welcome to Mindless University, the college to be if you're trying to be something. We offer a vast expanse of classes to take, and have super flexible hours. We're like any other college community, you know? But our students? Ehh..they'realittlecrazy but loveable all the same.}


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3hunna.: SO as 2% of you know.


the original urban rp Mindless Academy/Mindless University is making a well deserved come back so any and all alumni of the graduating Mindless Academy 2013/class of MU should totally come bok.

(we like new people too)

(just don’t be a fuck nigga)

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k1ng-tristan: Heyoo

Welcome back ^__^

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Anonymous: Im coming baaaack! Dont let anyone take my spot u_u -Tris

Welcome back sweetie u_u

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…Welcome to Mindless University…

Mindless University has it’s share of ratchets, depressed souls, rich spoiled brats, teen moms, lovey dovey gay couples and rude comical assholes. In between trying to be successful in college, these students are all about a good time. Relationships, drama, lust, love, get high; stay high, being tagged as ‘finallyfamouz’—that’s just about everything that matters to them, while scrambling to class every once in awhile..maybe? They were the badass seniors of Mindless Academy, will they carry on the title this year? Watch as their everyday lives spiral about, some reaching their dreams and others becoming something they never thought they would, for better or worst.

                     Application | Characters | Rules 

The first ever RP to include Mindless Behavior as characters is

still up and running and we're accepting applications.
Anonymous: Can I be Kelsie?

I’ve already answered you. And I’ve seen all 6 messages you’ve sent for that part. Make the blog.

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Anonymous: Can I Be Kelsie Jackson?

Of Course :) Make the blog and come back

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Ride My Pony: mindless-university-rpg: fvck—blve: mindless-university-rpg: I need a...






I need a list of the people that have been on recently or that you guys know will come back so I know who to open.

  • Casey was on recently but i’m not sure if he’s coming back
  • Ash was on recently but i’m not sure if…

Of course you’re needed u_u And I’ll keep Dani open

cause im da bes

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