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{Welcome to Mindless University, the college to be if you're trying to be something. We offer a vast expanse of classes to take, and have super flexible hours. We're like any other college community, you know? But our students? Ehh..they'realittlecrazy but loveable all the same.}


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Z’aria Saxon | 19 | Major: Modeling | FC: brittanysky

Z’aria is  c o n c i e t e d.  I mean, with good reason to be, but still. She’s so vain and obsessive over her looks that sometimes she can look a little shallow. Even though she sounds like a bimbo, she really isn’t. She’s actually quite intelligent, and there is a deeper side to her besides glitz, glamour and the color pink. She has a very humanitarian like heart, so, call her a shallow philanthropist. 


Okay, I only trip about how I look only because I feel so naked without anything on me. It bites at my self esteem I guess. I hate being judged, and I just want to look my best all the time, that’s all. But people misunderstand apparently. 


*shrugs* I don’t set those tbh, I roll with what I got in the ‘now.’


Upon first encounters, Raela and Z’aria seem to understand each other. They’re both misunderstood at times, in one fashion or another and they find comfort in each other with these uncertainties. 

Marcus Little. She had an instant crush from the moment she laid eyes on him and she’s not gonna be shy about going after him either. She thinks she can change him and get him to settle down with her. Good Luck..

Olivia Hale: Dislikes her and is jealous of the amount of time her and Marcus shared. Z’aria feels that should’ve been her.

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