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{Welcome to Mindless University, the college to be if you're trying to be something. We offer a vast expanse of classes to take, and have super flexible hours. We're like any other college community, you know? But our students? Ehh..they'realittlecrazy but loveable all the same.}


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Matthew Flores | 18 | Major: Photography | Minor: Acting | FC: Austin McBroom

Matthew, or just “Matt” as he prefers, was always known  as the class clown in school. He’s never had a problem fitting in anywhere and if you go to a party, you’d likely see him there. Matthew was never really the quiet one, he doesn’t have a problem with speaking his mind, so don’t let his crazy, fun, pushover type personality fool you. You can’t really say Matthew has had it hard, because he is an only child from a middle class family. Although Matt doesn’t talk to his father much, he doesn’t let it phase him. “I’m just tryna live my life, who cares what people have to say?” Matthew says. Even though he lived under a strict household, he never really liked to follow the rules, So if there’s something that he shouldn’t be doing, but he’s doing it anyways, don’t be surprised.  He likes to be remembered, even if it takes something crazy for you to remember him by. Matt also loves to play pranks and is truly a kid at heart. you’ll either love him or hate him, It won’t make him  or break him.

Why did you come to Mindless University?

“I love photography, always have.”


“I’m pretty much an open book, you feel me?”


“have fun, take alot of pictures, and turn uppppp -laughs-”

Connections: Nick Landers, Tristan Malveli.

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