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{Welcome to Mindless University, the college to be if you're trying to be something. We offer a vast expanse of classes to take, and have super flexible hours. We're like any other college community, you know? But our students? Ehh..they'realittlecrazy but loveable all the same.}


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Paige Adams| 18, Freshmen| Major: Singing| Minor: Acting| FC: Skye Townsend

Paige is a bubbly, energetic, free spirit, fun-loving girl. There’s never a dull moment with her, she’s half and half when it comes to being loud and quiet. Ever since she could remember, acting was her first love due to her father being an actor, producer, and director but since then she’s ventured off into music where she can express herself. She gets along with everyone, but this is college, something new and different, we’ll see how things go.

Why did you come to Mindless University?

Well, I’ve heard a lot about it, I like the programs and I got a scholarship.


Not that I know of.


To fulfill my dreams and make my father proud.


Geron Berkly: Boyfriend

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