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{Welcome to Mindless University, the college to be if you're trying to be something. We offer a vast expanse of classes to take, and have super flexible hours. We're like any other college community, you know? But our students? Ehh..they'realittlecrazy but loveable all the same.}


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Kiara Yves Berkly |18 | Major: Modeling | Minor: Photography  | FC: Jasmine Sanders

Fresh out of high school Kiara isn’t so much weird and too observant like she used to be…a little bit. She has matured some but still acts like a little girl from time to time whenever she feels the need to be silly or want something, she also has developed a bitchy side since then but tries to remain from it most of the time even when she gets angry about certain things. Other than that she still loves to help in anyway she can just as long as you can handle the bluntness from her cause she no longer sugar coats anything anymore.

Why did you come to Mindless University?

Because i got accepted and maybe experience that college life. I didn’t have to go you know but if i want a good ass job then hey, it is what it is.


I got some but no one needs to know.


To pass all my classes and get the hell out of here.


Trey Levens: Highschool sweetheart turned ex.

Reggie Jones: Used to be scared of him but i got used to him and opened up to him. He’s harmless like a big ole baby if you don’t get on his bad side. I sometimes come to him for advice from a guy’s point of view.

Rashad Moss: Friend and baby daddy

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